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Numbering Slots for Expansion Boards in a PX24 mrX System

See the diagram below.

If You Would Like to Install a BRI-ISDN S0/T0 Card into Your System

A DDL card with 4 S0/T0 interfaces can be installed into the Expansion Slot-3 only. Before installing a DDL board, visit maintenance home page of your system and be sure that it supports BRI hardware. Do not install the DDL into another slot. Your system can have only one DDL (with 4 interfaces). Be sure that jumper settings on the DDL board are matching to the software settings. Any channel on DDL board can either be set as S0 or T0. However, be aware that the Expansion Slot-3 is not a reserved one. Other interface cards can also be installed to this slot if it is free.

Any Other Interface Cards

You can also install

  • DASF analog subscriber (or FXS) card with 16 or 8 subscribers, or
  • DATG analog trunk (or FXO) card with 8 or 4 trunks, or
  • DAH hybrid FXS/FXO (8 subscribers and 4 trunks) card

into Expansion Slot-1, -2, or -3 in your system.

Please be aware that only ONE DDS digital subscriber line card (with 15 4B+D ISDN digital subscriber interfaces) card may exist in a PX24M rev.6, and it should be installed into Expansion Slot-2 or -3. Never install DDS into the Slot-1.

How to Install Cards into Slots

Shut down the system with using the power ON/OFF switch. Disconnect all power sources (batteries and AC-DC power converter) from the PX24 mrX system. Make sure the power supply LED is not lit. Failure to do so might damage your cards and your backplane resulting in system failure. Disconnect all RJ11 cables and ethernet cable from the equipment. Remove the front panel from the system by unscrewing four screws.

Remove the empty-slot-cover-plate on the front panel. You may do it easily with unsecrewing the nuts in the rear.

Make sure to keep cards in their electro-statically safe conductor bags when they are not installed in the PX24 mrX system. Before handling cards, make sure you are electro-statically discharged by wearing an electrostatic bracelet or touching a metal object such as a radiator or a tap. On the back of the card there is a male connector with multiple pins. Make sure that none of these pins are bent or damaged. Hold the card with two hands, component side facing up, push it gently through the guides in the right and left part of the cabinet all the way until it clicks as the connector on the card mounts to the connector on the backplane. The cleats on the right and left side of the card should secure tightly into the holes in the cabinet. Never apply pressure, or force the cards into place, doing so may damage the connector pins causing a short circuit and resulting in system failure. If necessary, gently push the card to the left or to the right to align the connectors.

To take out a card, push simultaneously on the cleats and pull with both hands, making sure you do not touch the components on the face of the card. Now, it is time to attach the front panel to the system again. Screw it.

Hardware expansion is done. However, the expansion card needs to be licensed for its proper operation.

Certain parts of the software which deliver particular functionality to a particular optional part like an expansion card are technologically secured to prevent their unlicensed use. An unlicensed expansion card should be enabled or licensed as detailed in technical documents. Otherwise the operation of the expansion card terminate a short time after the PX24 mrX system is turned on. After licensing visit System/License page to verify uploaded license file covers all installed hardware.

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Page last modified on May 10, 2020, at 06:22 AM