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Service Mode is used for cleaning up system memory or to select default firmware or to remove redundant firmware etc..

all voice records,cmdr records and saved parameters are deleted via cleanup option

Please note that when you plan to add a new AU to a cluster or plan to replace an AU ,you should first perform Cleanup

Pressing ^^service^^ button during power on ,The AU starts in service mode,this could be observed with fast blinking status led

If you do not perform any operation for 120 seconds during service mode then unit starts in normal operation

In service mode the web interface ip adress is determined according to dipswitch settings and connection port is 80

When connected to unit you view below page on browser (the username and password is not active in service mode)

1-set default firmware to boot : Here you may view the firmwares loaded in the disk and select which one to start (you may have maximum 2 firmwares in disk)

2-remove firmware : here you may select and delete the firmware(s) in disk and if the firmware is removed you will have an upload firmware menu on the screen

3-boot default firware : here you may boot the default firmware ,this will cause system to leave service mode and start in normal operation mode

4-file system cleanup: when this cleanup is performed system will delete all parametres and records in the system except system firmware and licence files (so be careful to have necessary backups before activating this function)

5-initialize hardware (FBGA) : used for factory tests

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Page last modified on May 10, 2020, at 06:46 AM