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For Telesis remote support service:

  • You should allow public (outside) access to the Telesis system. Your NAT should be programmed such that the following ports are forwarded to the IP address of the Telesis system, which is to be serviced.
    • TCP 80
    • UDP 5060
    • UDP 9876
    • UDP 9877-9878
    • TCP/UDP 50000-50255
  • You should download XTools and XPhone utilities
  • You should install XTools and XPhone in a computer within your LAN
  • For VoIP applications, you should be capable of capturing packets of the Stillink's ethernet interface with the Wireshark (widely-used network protocol analyzer) and sending those records to us for evaluation

When you complete all the above mentioned preparations, contact to Telesis support team for the next steps.

Please be aware that above mentioned preparations are mandatory for remote support. Thank you.

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Page last modified on May 21, 2019, at 08:01 AM