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Track/Trace Returned Materials with the RMA Number

With the RMA system, it is possible to get the latest information, like:

  • Received date by Telesis A.S.
  • Repair/replacement status
  • Ship back details

of the materials returned to Telesis A.S. for repair.

CLICK HERE to track/trace returned materials with using the Telesis issued and unique RMA number.

Read the sections below to learn how Telesis RMA system operates.

Telesis A.S. can respond to service or repair requests of its customers fast and effectively. Customers eligible for submitting the form are:

  • dealers, or
  • resellers, or
  • any other Telesis partners

who have purchased Telesis products directly from Telesis A.S. The Telesis Service and Repair System manages only requests from these customers. The customer must send an email to Telesis A.S. with correct product name, its serial number (if applicable), its revision number (if applicable), and detailed description of the problem, etc. for each item. After the email is received, Telesis A.S. Technical Support Team will review the details, then may:

  • ask a reasonable opportunity to perform any appropriate tests with remote connection over IP, etc., or
  • issue limited or unlimited number of tickets to the customer in Telesis Help Desk System in order to resolve the problem, or
  • decide that Return Material Authorization (RMA) is necessary and respond with an RMA number and instructions for returning the product(s).

Accepted Return Material Requests

  • The customer must declare that the product(s) to be returned is free from CID (Customer Induced Damage).
  • Telesis A.S. may authorize the customer to deliver the product(s) for the purpose of repair or replacement with issuing an RMA number.
  • While returning the product(s), the customer shall pay all charges in-bound and out-bound transportation and for services of any kind (like customs charges).
  • Telesis A.S. may request a copy of the original purchase invoice from the customer before issuing the RMA number.
  • The customer must return product(s), which exactly matches to the one(s) with the original invoice description.
  • The customer must return the product(s) only after receiving an RMA number.
  • The customer must strictly follow the instructions provided by Telesis A.S. while returning the product(s).
  • The RMA number is valid for 3 weeks from the date of issue.
  • The issued RMA number must be written on the outside of the shipping box on the address line.

Return Material Denial, Exceptions, and Notes

  • Telesis A.S. has the right not to accept return material requests. In such cases, Telesis A.S. informs the customer about the reason for RMA denial.
  • Telesis A.S. is not responsible for damages or lost shipments.
  • Telesis A.S. will use reasonable efforts to repair or replace, and return in time but cannot be held responsible for its failure to do so. Title to the repaired or replaced product(s) and risk of loss or damage shall pass to the customer upon delivery to the carrier.
  • Telesis A.S. may return repaired or replaced product(s) only to the address and country where the product(s) is received from due to local customs regulations.
  • Telesis A.S. is not responsible for delays occured due to transportation, customs clearance, etc. in receiving the returned product(s).
  • Any customs charges including, duties, taxes and brokerage fees etc. in receiving and sending back the repaired or replaced product(s) must be paid by the customer.
  • Telesis A.S. sends back replaced or repaired product(s) after the customer pays for all charges in-bound and out-bound transportation and for services of any kind (like customs charges), diagnostic or otherwise, excepting only the direct and actual costs of the product(s) repair or replacement.
  • In case of replacements, replaced product(s) may include new or refurbished product(s).
  • If the information on RMA differs from the actual product(s) received, repair or replacement will be based on the actual product(s) received.
  • All product(s) received and without defects in workmanship and material will be refused and returned at customers` expense.
  • All product(s) received physically damaged, tempered, altered and abused will be refused and returned at customers` expense.
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Page last modified on May 09, 2020, at 12:33 PM