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Today, many organizations do not aim only migrating to the next generation networks, but also aim legacy equipment life extension. In addition, these organizations would like to add VoIP services to their existing TDM network more quickly than would be the case if they upgraded their existing legacy TDM equipment. Many organizations now focus on which platforms to use.


Stillink x100 VoIP Access Gateways may connect to any legacy equipment with ISDN signaling and provide VoIP connectivity. Both TE and NT connections are supported.


Stillink x100 VoIP Access Gateways represent a bridge between a legacy TDM equipment and VoIP network.

Stillink x100 VoIP Access Gateways integrate both packet and circuit switching technology. A Stillink x100 VoIP Access Gateway featuring an integrated SIP registrar/proxy/server provides an economical way for enterprises to manage a central database of phone numbers without the expense of a registrar/proxy/server solution.

Furthermore, Stillink x100 VoIP Access Gateways are with the TDM by-pass feature that operates not only for IP network failures but also for pre-selected routes. Alternate routing capability provides automatic fall back to the TDM if the IP network is inaccessible. Another advantage is that, enterprises may keep their present TDM connections while migrating to VoIP technology.

Applications: Stillink x100 with a single E1 interface and 30 SIP channels

  • E1-TDM Equipment to SIP Network (E1-to-SIP)
  • SIP Equipment to E1-PSTN Network (SIP-to-E1)

Applications: Stillink x100 with dual E1 interfaces and 60 SIP channels

  • E1-TDM Equipment to SIP Network (E1-to-SIP)
  • SIP to E1-PSTN Network (SIP-to-E1)
  • Alternate Routing, Automatic Fallback, PSTN by-pass (E1,SIP -to- E1, SIP)
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