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Primary rate DSS1 ISDN interfaces are according to ETSI and ITU-T standards. QSIG ISDN D channel protocol is an ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association) derivative.

Types of Interfaces

Stillink x100 systems have Primary Rate ISDN interfaces to connect to NT and TE. For ISDN Primary Rate (PRI), the types of interfaces supported are:

  • DSS1 Euro ISDN TE (terminal side)
  • DSS1 Euro ISDN NT (network side)
  • ECMA QSIG TE (terminal side)
  • ECMA QSIG NT (network side)

Layers and Options

The physical layer of primary ISDN access in Stillink x100 systems is an E1 (ITU-T G.703) interface. 120 ohm balanced terminations are supported on any E1. The line code is HDB3 or AMI programmable. CRC4 may be enabled or disabled.

Several parameters in ISDN messages are programmable. Those are:

  • Calling-party number
  • Calling-party category
  • Calling-party type of number
  • Calling-party numbering plan
  • Calling-party presentation indicator
  • Calling-party screening indicator
  • Called-party number
  • Called-party numbering plan
  • Called-party type of number (fixed)
  • Called-party type of number (automatic by analyzing the called-party number)

ISDN Supplementary Services

The following ISDN supplementary services are supported:

Route and Routeset Configuration

In a Stillink x100 system, each primary ISDN access may have its own route number. It is possible to define numerous distinct routes. For primary access, a given route to a particular destination and its accompanying routes are grouped in a routeset. Each route in a routeset has a priority order. Routing to the next priority alternate route is possible in the event that a route becomes unavailable. Furthermore, it is possible to define which release causes stated in Layer-3 messages will lead to the alternate routes being used.

For accessing PRI, the channel selection type is programmable as ascending, descending, or cyclic. Disabling outgoing calls from certain channels also yields fractional E1 use. Routing

A Stillink x100 system may realize routing calls from ISDN interfaces according to:

  • Dialed digits
  • Calling-party number
  • Category of calling party
  • TON (Type of Number) of calling party
  • Numbering plan of calling party
  • Presentation status of calling party
  • Screening status of calling party

International Standards Applied

ETS-300 011,
ETS-300 051,
ETS-300 057,
ETS-300 089,
ETS-300 094,
ETS-300 102,
ETS-300 125,
ETS-300 129,
ETS-300 178,
ETS-300 186,
ETS-300 199,
ETS-300 206,
ETS-300 207,
ETS 300 239,
ETS-300 284,
ETS-300 356,
ETS-300 367,
ETS-300 402,
ETS-300 403,
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Page last modified on January 20, 2020, at 06:20 AM