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  • 2.STLX1001E1 : Stillink x100 with a single E1 interface and 30 SIP channels

  • 2.STLX1002E1 : Stillink x100 with dual E1 interfaces and 60 SIP channels

Package Contents

Depending on your system specifications, components that come with your order may vary, please check your shipping list for a full description of what was included in your package.

  • Stillink x100 (either 2.STLX1001E1 or 2.STLX1002E1 model depending on your purchase order)
  • AC-DC power adapter
  • USB power cord (1.5 meter long)
  • One or two E1 cables each having one side RJ45 connector ended and other side with open wires(transmit and receive pairs are marked)
  • User Manual
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Page last modified on January 23, 2020, at 08:34 AM