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The signaling (protocol) analyzer of the Stillink x100 is capable of analyzing:

  • Call Control (CC) primitives
  • Primary Rate ISDN - PRI (DSS1 and QSIG) Layer 1 (physical layer)
  • Primary Rate ISDN - PRI (DSS1 and QSIG) Layer 2 (data link layer)
  • Primary Rate ISDN - PRI (DSS1 and QSIG) Layer 3 (network layer)

CC primitives (CCPs) are the communication between Layer 3 Port Control and Call Control Engine (CCE). The control and switching hardware in a Stillink x100 together with its operating firmware, the Xymphony, form the CCE.

The decoding of CCPs is done according to the ITU-T Q.931 standard. Call modeling of all calls in Stillink x100 is based on ISDN standards. A call has two sides, one is incoming (or originating) side and the other is outgoing (or termination) side. During a call control, CCPs are sent from the CCE to Layer 3 and from Layer 3 to the CCE.

With clicking the following link, you will be forwarded to event monitoring / signal analysis function of the general Telesis utility XTools (which is the utility of all Telesis systems, including the Stillink x100). Please be aware that events and signals mentioned in the link below may not be applicable for the Stillink x100 since it has only the hardware/algorithms/etc. for the purpose (ISDN-SIP access). You may use events and signals, which are related to the Stillink x100.

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Page last modified on January 23, 2020, at 06:29 AM