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When is It Necessary?

  • If Xymphony control program (that is, operational software or operational firmware) upgrade has to be done within a LAN and if uploading the new firmware becomes difficult in normal operation mode, or
  • If file system is fully loaded (i.e, it is not possible to save any parameters or it is not possible to upload a new Xymphony), or
  • If the system does not start up for any reason such as; an invalid Xymphony has been selected as the default boot program

then starting the Stillink x100 system in service becomes necessary.

When does file system Become Fully loaded?

Please note that main reason is when auto voice (conversation) recording function (which is an option on purchase) is activated but records are not archived in an external archiving device (like a PC running XTools or an FTP server). If voice records are not transmitted out to the archiving device, file system memories would be full with such records. First, try to free up the memories with connecting the to the archiving device. If this operation fails for any reason, then it is necessary to start the system in service mode and clean up the file system manually.

How to Start the Stillink x100 in Service mode?

The service button is on the front cover of the Stillink x100.

To activate the service mode, the Stillink x100 is powered up with the service button pressed hold. Be aware that the service button must be hold pressed until the status led, which is also on the front panel, blinks fast. When the status led blinks fast, the service button is released. The IP address of the Stillink x100 in service mode is the factory default address, which is and the port address is 80 . The web server of the Stillink x100 waits for a web browser connection within 2 minutes in service mode. If there will be no connection in this period, the system starts up in normal operation mode. So that, connect to the system within 2 minutes with using a web browser to access Home Page of the service mode. There is no login name or password for the service mode web browser connection.

Links in Service Mode Page

  • Firmware Upload: Installs or uploads Xymphony to the Stillink x100.
  • Set Default Firmware to boot: Selects default Xymphony to boot the Stillink x100.
  • Remove firmware: Removes a selected Xymphony from the Stillink x100`s disk.
  • Boot default firmware: Boots the Stillink x100 with the default Xymphony.
  • File system cleanup: Removes user data, which are mainly automatic conversation records from memories.
  • Initialize Hardware (FPGA): Used for factory tests.

If the Stillink x100`s disk has one Xymphony image file, then the following service page opens. This page has the link Firmware Upload to install or upload another Xymphony to the system.

If theStillink x100`s disk has two Xymphony image files, then the following service page opens. This page has the link Remove Firmware to remove a selected Xymphony from the system`s disk. After removing one file, Firmware Upload link becomes available.

In addititon, the service mode page displays the current free space in non-volatile memories of the Telesis system.

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Page last modified on January 21, 2020, at 12:56 AM