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The Stillink x100 has been tested with over 24,000 BHCA without any loss in the quality of service. The Stillink x100 employs a non-blocking TDM switching and full E1-span SIP call handling capacity. The advanced design incorporates Digital Signal Processors that are capable of executing hundreds of millions of instructions a second. Its leading-edge operational software, Xymphony rX, has been developed by Telesis A.S. specifically for Telesis systems. With many programmable features, Xymphony rX makes the traffic management highly efficient and versatile.

Such highly efficient use of the system's resources, with the help of intelligent algorithms, leaves very little, if any, possibility that an overload condition will arise.

In the operation of the Stillink x100 system, there is a sufficient margin for overload situations. The capacity is sufficient to ensure the availability for future new functions or services to be introduced in the system.

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