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Telesis Discover is used for discovering and accessing system management panels of Telesis equipment. The application facilitates:

  • discovering Telesis equipment within the same LAN
  • saving access parameters of discovered equipment for quick access
  • manually editing access parameters of Telesis equipment in WAN for quick access
  • accessing system management pane

XYMPHONY DISCOVER button starts a search for Telesis equipments in same LAN and lists them. So, ip address, firmware version, MAC, and more can be seen quite easily.

When click one of the Telesis equipments listed a pop-up window appears which asks for username and password to enter management screen as well as more details about Telesis equipment. PBX Display Name is a nickname for users reference to store this equipments connection for later quick connection.


ENTER MANUAL button is for users who prefer to enter needed parameters to connect Telesis equipments management screen. You may also store this connection to use in future.

BROWSE STORED TELESÄ°Sbutton lists users stored previous connections. Long click opens a mini menu to manage that stored connection.

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Page last modified on May 09, 2020, at 01:20 PM