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Telesis Help Desk System is an assistance service that troubleshoots customer requests or questions related to Telesis hardware and software products installed in the field. Customers, who are eligible for using the helpdesk may be:

  • Dealers,
  • Resellers, or
  • Any other Telesis partners.

Telesis A.S. provides help desk support via website.

The Telesis Help Desk System manages only questions from registered customers via its tracking system, that allows technical team at Telesis A.S. to track registered customers` questions with a unique ticket number.

The Telesis Help Desk System is an extremely beneficial tool for registered customers to transmit their questions. Furthermore, customers may track how their questions are followed by the help desk team at Telesis A.S. Received questions are continuously monitored and forwarded to the right service group to provide the most satisfactory answers.

Please recognize that the key objective of the Telesis Help Desk System is troubleshooting questions related to Telesis products in operation (i.e., installed in the field). Telesis Help Desk System does not aim customers to acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies related to Telesis products. Telesis A.S. may offer technical and practical training programs for its products separately.

Registered customers may login to Telesis Help Desk System anywhere with using their user names and passwords. Customers are also automatically notified via email for new ticket openings, follow ups, and ticket state changes.

Telesis A.S. aims customers to be fully satisfied with its assistance services. In order to achieve this goal, the offered Telesis Help Desk System is created considering the usability and manageability. Telesis A.S. makes receiving questions easy and avoids a frustrating customer panel. So that, the customer panel of Telesis Help Desk System is very clear and user-friendly.

Easy navigation bar in the customer panel

Important Notes for Opening Tickets

All tickets are subject to acceptance by Telesis A.S. Be aware that the first paragraph in a new ticket should state:

  • Hardware platform (i.e., PX24 xrX, PX24 mrX ...)
  • Xymphony version (i.e., 180401..)
  • Initial installation date
  • Installation location (i.e., customer name).

Otherwise the ticket may not be processed by the Telesis Help Desk Team. Telesis A.S. will use reasonable efforts to answer questions at earliest. However, Telesis A.S. cannot be held responsible for its failure to delay answering the questions.

Fill out all fields with care while opening new tickets

Set the priorty of your question with care for the better technical assistance and support. Do not set it unnecessarily high. Thank you for your attention.

Access to Telesis Help Desk System

A registered customer may access to the system with link below:

CLICK HERE to Access Telesis Help Desk

For technical support (like registration or lost password) send us an email.

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Page last modified on March 03, 2021, at 12:29 AM