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CAU status page helps us to view all CAU members' status ,their CAU synchronization time ,signalling ports etc...

Via this page you may connect to any AU,update AU firmware,reboot AU etc..

If the connected AU (STATUS : LOCAL) firmware version is different then other AU's then you may use OCP.SYNC option to upload this firmware to other members of cluster

when OCP.SYNC pressed system automaticaly uploads the local AU firmware to other members,at below picture you may observe this upload process

Please note that FAE firmware is different then all other cluster members firmware (ERX,PRX etc..) so when you start an OCP.SYNC from a FAE ,the firmware will be uploaded to only FAE members of cluster

When REBOOT CAU button is pressed ,all CAU members will reboot and preserve their parameter values (will not start as factory default)

When PROTOCOL RESTART button is pressed the AFSP protocol used for communication between AU's is restarted

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Page last modified on January 11, 2021, at 12:58 AM