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Memory Locations for Programmed Parameters

The programmed parameters are stored in two locations in a Stillink x100:

Any parameter modification is (unless otherwise is stated explicitly) carried out in the RAM and the system functions in accordance with the new parametric values immediately. These current operational values of the parameters can be saved in the nonvolatile memory by executing the SystemPrm/Save command in the integrated web server of the system. All those parameters that are modified but not saved in the nonvolatile memory will be lost if the the system is reset, restarted or rebooted.

Once stored into the nonvolatile memory, the stored parameters are downloaded back to the RAM during a normal restart or power-up (except factory restart procedures, which download factory default values into the RAM).

Restarting the System with Factory Defaults

The parameter button on the front panel of the Stillink x100 is to restart the system with factory default settings.

To reset the parameters, the Stillink x100 is powered up with the parameter button pressed hold. Be aware that the parameter button must be hold pressed until the status led, which is also on the front panel, blinks. When the status led blinks, i.e., the system starts up, the parameter button is released. The factory default IP address of the Stillink x100 is and the port address is 80. Similarly, if the Stillink x100 is rebooted with the web browser command or link Reboot and if the parameter button pressed hold until the status led blinks, again the system starts up with the factory defaults.

When you click on Reboot, Control Program Reboot page opens.

Click on OK button in Control Program Reboot page to reboot the Stillink x100.

Note that the factory default parameters are restored into the operational memories when the above mentioned steps are applied. The previously programmed parameters (if any) are still in the nonvolatile memories until the web browser command Save is operated.

Restoring the Programmed Parameters

Whenever Save command is operated, all the parameters in the operational memories are transferred into the nonvolatile memories.

This being the case, it is possible to restore the programmed parameters unless Save command has been operated yet. To do this, just power up or Reboot the system without any button pressed hold. Then, any parameters in the non-volatile memories are loaded into the operational memories and the system will start with these parameters.

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Page last modified on January 21, 2020, at 01:08 AM