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Telesis systems are Stored-Program-Controlled (SPC) systems. Their leading-edge operational software, Xymphony, has been developed by Telesis A.S.

In Telesis documentation all;

  • Control program,
  • Operating program,
  • Operating system,
  • Operating firmware, and
  • Operating software

terms stand for the same: Xymphony.

Among the many aspects of Xymphony is its Telesis Advanced Routing Algorithm for creating routing tables. With many programmable features, Xymphony makes the traffic management highly efficient and versatile. The convenience of dealing with all-in-one standard software allows the user to support as many features as desired, up to the maximum capacity: thus, an organization`s capacity can grow without necessarily updating the software.

Xymphony within the Telesis system is modular and well structured and is developed by a high level language of C.

Xymphony also provides:

  • easy expansion and modification when introducing new services and technologies, to guarantee high reliability,
  • introduction procedures for new software parts or repairs with minimum service interruptions.

Software repairs are normally introduced without any loss of answered calls. New Xymphony releases are introduced with minimum service interruption, independent of the size of the system , to provide well defined procedures for collecting of information, restoring to normal operation and introduction of repairs in case of disturbances caused by some errors.

The volume and structure of database in Xymphony can be tailored to the size and set up of the Telesis system. However the database is standardized for the maximum system size. Xymphony provides strategies to prevent the occurrence of a software failure to escalate to a total break down and to present sufficient information for quick solving of the software fault. The Telesis system verifies the integrity of its software at regular basis.

Telesis System`s Disk Storing Xymphony

Telesis system`s nonvolatile disk has the capability of storing two images of Xymphony releases at the same time. One image is the default Xymphony, which runs the system in booting. Another may be for back-up purposes (like a previous version of Xymphony).

Xymphony Upgrade

Upgrading the Xymphony in the field is accomplished simply by uploading a new version of it directly into the Telesis systems` disk over IP, without interruption of any of the system`s services.

Telesis A.S. may make updates, improvements and/or changes in the Xymphony of its systems at any time without any notice.

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Page last modified on May 23, 2019, at 07:11 AM